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My new home.

Posted by NOSUNATO - July 25th, 2021

Hey everyone!

For those who haven't found out already, my Twitter page of the same name was unexpectedly [and indefinitely] suspended and as a result I lost all of my followers, posts and contacts. As frustrating as it is too deal with however, I haven't given up. This site was recommend to me by couple of art friends a long while back, since they're much more forgiving when it comes to explicit content. Right now I'm just testing the waters. But if all goes well, I'll make this the new home for my NSFW content. To all of you who discovered me for the whole time I say: WELCOME TO THE GYM! And meet my futa fitness trainer: Alex Greene. ;)




Glad to be here Jonpa. You'll be back on top before you know it!

An extreme pleasure to see Alex up and running again in more ways than one! She'll make herself at home soon enough ;)

man, twitter was good while it lasted, now it became Tumblr
of life. But I'm very happy to know that you will continue with your page here, it's a really good site, nothing has changed in the terms of censorship. To be honest, I should put an end to this kind of censorship. Too bad I won't be able to mark you when I make Alex's drawings, I'm LinoMangaka, I've been following her posts on discord and twitter for a long time, I hope she doesn't stop drawing, her drawings are amazing.

im a simp. just made an account to support <3

Yeah, you didn't deserve that suspension. Glad to know I can follow you here.

Finally made it from Twitter.

Welcome to NG mate, sorry you got kicked from Twitter.

Glad you didn't give up.

Weird, odd seeing Twitter nuke an account like that, dropping the follow here! keep up the good content!

HAHAHAHA, took ya long enough to get here! I would've recommended this to you if you wanted to ask about migration!

Well, glad you're here, that's what matters! Now...LET'S HAVE FUN MAKING LEWDS AGAIN!!!

In case you ever feel like creating a twitter account once again, you can get a new charge card from your phone company with a separate number. Some companies even let you get one for free. Just be sure to clear your browser's cache before you make another twitter account, it's how they clock you, then use the new number for the confirm SMS.

In the meantime, welcome to NG.

Happy to support, plus this encouraged me to make an account here finally :P

Holy fuck I just found out through Meinfischer's post, it's iKonicArt from Twitter. I'm so sorry dude